MIOT aims to unite all Tamils involved in the field of medical care worldwide, to work towards helping the Tamils of Sri Lanka and beyond. MIOT will promote the physical, psychological and social well-being of Tamils in the homelands and further afield, striving to help relieve Tamils of poverty and suffering. MIOT will help to promote awareness of disease patterns and preventable illnesses through proving information across different media in both English and Tamil. MIOT will facilitate adequate provisions of healthcare to those in need by supporting and financing various rehabilitation and educational programmes in the Tamil homelands.

MIOT will aid in improving and updating medical knowledge and better understanding for all those involved in the medical field, if and when required, through sharing knowledge with the aid of medical conferences, seminars, workshops and though journals. MIOT aims to work with like-minded organisations interested in the welfare of Tamil communities in the homelands and around the world, by proving financial and medical know how.

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  • MIOT plans to achieve these goals by: 100%


Increase membership to drive and organise events, so that funds may be collected which will help effect various projects aimed at providing rehabilitation and reducing adverse health effects.


Establish further MIOT branches in several locations around the world to facilitate long-term goals.


Continue to educate the modern medical skills for the professionals. Help to Improve physical, psychological and social welfare of Tamils and Assist Tamils live with dignity in whichever country they live.