About Us


MIOT is an organisation that was founded in 1988 by Tamil speaking doctors in the United Kingdom who were interested in hellping the Tamil community all over the world on health related matters. 


 – Our Mission

To unite all Tamils involved in the field of medical care worldwide, to work towards improving the health of Tamils living all over the world – with a special emphasis on those living in the North-East of Sri Lanka.

We aim to promote the physical, psychological and social well-being of both individually and within the community.


– Our Objectives

 The Medical Institute of Tamils (MIOT) was founded in 1988 by Tamil speaking doctors in the United Kingdom and is now an always growing network. To achieve the above mission, we have set ourselves the following objectives:

Health Projects

To facilitate the provision of acute care, community care, health rehabiliation and health prevention programmes in Tamil homelands.  

Medical Education

Organise seminars, conferences and workshops to promote knowledge on health matters – particularly those relating to transcultural medicine. 

Medical Skills Training

Facilitate the career progression of Tamil health professionals all over the world by arranging training, and supporting medical schools. 

Content Creation

Provide information across different media in both English and Tamil, to promote awareness of disease patterns and preventable illnesses.


Promoting social and cultural activities with the aim of fundraising to sustain the health projects and provide our members opportunites to network. 

Building Relationships

Liaise with other professional and social organisations to build productive, working relationships to faciliate health projects. 


The Growth of Regional Branches


At the MIOT AGM held in the South Thames Region in November 1992, at Grove Park Hospital, a decision was made to create regional branches to devolve its activities closer to where the doctors lived/ practised. Since, many Tamil doctors were living and practicing in the southeast, the MIOT committee decided to form the South Thames branch of MIOT. 

Following on from the formation of the South Thames region committee, other branches were inaugurated in the mid 1990s. MIOT North Thames regional branch was opened covering North London and Essex. At the same time the Northern region committee branch covered all areas north of Bedfrodshire. By late 1990’s, the North Thames and Eastern region committees were established to cover areas including Hertfordshire, Cambrdigeshire and North London. The Wales branch was inaugurated a decade ago in the 21st centure.

Choose from the 6 regional committees below to find out who is on the committee for this year and to find out what they have lately been upto with their recent blog posts.

Central Committee

President: Dr N Sivayoganathan


South Thames Committee

President: Dr S Surenthiran

North Thames Committee

President: Dr N Niranjan

Northern Region Committee

President: Dr E Velayuthapillai


Eastern Region Committee

President: Dr James Gnanapragasm

Wales Committee

President: Dr V Vipulendran