MIOT Research Initiative

MIOT is pleased to offer formal support for those medical students from the North and East of Sri Lanka who wish to undertake research, audit and presentations in national and international learnt societies. In addition, current medical students are encouraged to apply for funding in support of their projects. Funds in the form of grants can also be made available to support their work in order to promote research and other relevant educational activities by medical students.


1. You should be a current undergraduate from the medical schools in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

2. You need to send an e-mail to MIOT directly to the education committee of MIOT with your proposals and other requests.You are required to provide 1-2 local referees in support of your work.

3. The education committee will then liaise with you and others in order to find relevant details. We will then undertake peer review of your proposals and then submit them to the central committe for approval. If successful, we will then provide the necessary support for you to undertake the work.

4. Please allow at least 2 – 3 months before an approval can be given for your projects/requests for grants.

5. Please remember that these grants are not based on family income.

6. We are also pleased to offer limited fund to one UK based Sri Lankan medical student to undertake and present their research in local and international societies. The funds for this are limited and therefore we can only support one or two requests in a year depending on the availability of funds.

7. You can contact us via e-mail: admin@miot.org.uk or rajakulasingam@googlemail.com

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