This project was thought soon after the 2019 Easter bombing at church in Batticaloa Town. 20 female teenage girls were picked from under privilege areas in Batticaloa. Miot paid to EREEDO V.T CAMPUS £3000 for this training. 20 girls successfully completed the course in the beginning of this year.


MIOT is starting a training programme to train another 20 healthcare Assistants (HCA) to be employed at the Extended Primary Care Centre at Moolai Hospital and its satellite centres planned across the country. MIOT Central and NTR committees released £1500 each towards this programme. This training programme will commence as soon restrictions prevailing due to the COVID-19 pandemic are eased.

MIOT is collaborating on this project with AEDU, Ratnam foundation, Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS), Institute of Family Medicine (IOFM) and Karai Welfare Association (KWA). AEDU will fund £1500 for another 10 residential students from Vanni and Mannar areas. Ratnam foundation will be funding the setup of a smart classroom at Moolai hospital to facilitate distant learning / teaching. IMS and IOFM will look after the curriculum, E-learning and certification. Karainagar welfare association is being approached for assistance with the renovation of nurses accommodations. MIOT NTR will be coordinating the HCA training programme.

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