General Secretary’s Report 2018

Dr Kumar Selvarajah

General Secretary

It gives me great pleasure in presenting this year’s annual report. It has been another busy year as usual. The last AGM was held on 11 November 2017 at Prince Regent Hotel, Chigwell, IG8 SAE. The new committee for 2017/18 was duly elected. The committee met six times since election to discuss and make decisions on various projects and matters relevant to achieving MIOTs objectives. There are many previously established projects and few new ones started this year, which are being supported by MIOT. The majority of office bearers and few members of MIOT had the chance to visit these project sites personally and see the benefits for the recipients. Further, we had the opportunity to discuss relevant important matters at local level.

The Medical Mobile Unit:

This project was initiated by Dr N Sivayoganathan, the current President of MIOT and has been utilized very well for the benefit of the local people in Vanni. The staff who manage his project in Kilinochi were met and they briefed us on the current usage of the mobile unit. This mobile unit is used for many purposes. The local and visiting medical professionals are transported to run regular clinics at remote parts of Vanni. This is also used to transport patients who, either cannot afford to pay exorbitant sums of money for hiring cars, to go to distant General Hospitals or due to their physical disability they cannot travel in a normal hiring vehicle. The MIOT delegates were satisfied with the appropriate utilization of this vehicle. The funding for this project will continue.

The Eye Camp Project:

 This project, which commenced in 2002, has been progressing very well, thanks to Dr M Logendran, Vice President, who has been the backbone of this venture and his team members who have offered their help to run these camps successfully. The eye camps have been run in many parts of North, East and the Upcountry regions of Sri Lanka. We had an opportunity to visit Kaluwanchikudy General Hospital, where Dr Logendran and few other consultant eye surgeons had completed an eye camp just a week before we arrived. The hospital staff, including the Medical Superintendent, other medical and nursing staff, expressed their gratitude on behalf of the people of Eastern Sri Lanka and all benefitted from cataract surgery and specialists’ consultations. It is expected the funding for this will continue.

Health Promotion Project in Mullaitivu:

The project was commenced by Dr Saradha Natkunarajah with the partnership of local resources, having visited this war torn area and obtaining first hand information of the local peoples needs. She identified the need of health education for  females to address many issues including teenage pregnancy. This has been successfully run and we had an opportunity to meet with some of the staff, who are providing health education to teenage mothers who have enormously benefitted from this project. Dr Saradha Natkunarajah, organised a highly  successful charity lunch, generating good surpluses which has been allocated to the central budget. Such project specific fund-raising will enable MIOT to continue funding this project.


 MIOT (UK) is providing 13 scholarships in total and this will remain, although there is a request to increase the numbers. Thanks to Dr Velauthapillai who has taken primary responsibility in liaising with the professionals involved in the selection process. Some of the delegates had an opportunity to engage with the professional involved in the selection criteria for scholarships, when we visited Sri Lanka and have expressed satisfaction  with the selection process. The students who are on these scholarships have expressed their gratitude which the delegates wish to convey to the MIOT members, to whom it is due.

Electronic BMJ to Jaffna Medical Faculty:

 This is a recent endeavour. started about a year ago . Now we are getting the feedback from the professionals, and students that the facility is being widely used and they are  benefitting from this. We will extend this to the Faculty of Medicine in the Eastern University as well.

Nursing/ Healthcare Assistants Training project:

 This is an ongoing collaborative project run by Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS) at Manipay Green MemorialHospital, supported by MIOT and few other organisations. IMS is a state registered training organisation.  When we visited Sri Lanka we had an opportunity to talk with Dr Surenthirakumaran and Prof. Sivarajah of Jaffna Medical Faculty as well as Dr Nachcbinarkiniyan and the Teaching Team who have been behind this successfully runningproject.

Moolai Primary Care Centre Project:

 MIOT has been funding £1000 per annum to provide free primary healthcare to deserving people. Ratnam foundation is providing diabetic care for these people at the centre.

Moolai Extended Primary Care Centre Project:

 We are pleased to inform that the construction of  an  Extended  Primary  Care  Centre  at Moolai Co-Operative Hospital premises has been completed and is due to open  in January 2019. This is a landmark project in MIOTs history, funded by one MIOT member Dr S. Rajasundaram in his home village, in memory of his family. This is a model, MIOT encourages  other members to emulate. In addition to provision of primary healthcare, it is planned to train 20 healthcare assistant annually at thiscentre. MIOT appeals for global support to make this a centre of excellence in providing healthcare services, medical education, research and training to international standards.

Extended Primary Care Centre – Eastern Province

 This is another collaborative project by MIOT and ADVRO at Kurukkal Madam in the Batticaloa district. ADVRO led by Dr T Periyasamy a MIOT member, continues to run and support a care home centre while MIOT will support 50% of running a Primary Care Centre. Currently, Dr K Arulanandem of the Medical Faculty of Eastern University, runs regular diabetics clinics. It is expected that the training programme for health are assistants will commence shortly. This will be a centre of excellence in the non-governmental sector in the East and we again appeal for global support to make this an exemplary institution in providing healthcare services, medical education, research and training to ir ternational standards.

Thilagavathiyar Illam:

This home currently have 44 under privileged girls in Kathiraveli, Vakarai district, in the eastern part of Sri Lanka. We were able to meet staff involved in the running of this Illam. We were overwhelmed with the love, respect and gratitude shown by these very talented children. The main person who has worked very hard for the welfare of these children, among us, is Dr E Velauthapillai and they showed their gratitude  to  him. We join the children in expressing our appreciation to Vela for his tireless contribution to the success of this project since inception. MIOT also continues to support three more children’s homes in the Eastern province of Sri­ Lanka. Vivekananda Home for Girls, Valaichchenai and Hari Childrens Home for Boys, Kallady, Batticaloa are supported by Northern MIOT. Chirumiar Illam in Thambulivil supported by Eastern MIOT is due to relocate to Kaithady in the Northern Province. We continue to work our friends in Sri Lanka and without their support we would not have successfully run these projects and my thanks to all of them.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank the  MIOT  members  who  have  been  supporting  these activities. I wish, MIOT continues its excellent humanitarian help to fellow human beings.

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