Message from the President

Dr Dr N Sivayogathan

The President

I am extremely honored to have been selected the President of the MIOT (UK).  Over the last two years my leadership was guided by the principles of the MIOT values, mission & vision. I am boundlessly grateful to those who supported and empowered me to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our people back in our homeland. Without the support of our Central Committee we wouldn’t have reaped the glorious achievements over the past two years. The MIOT represents a significant number of Doctors in the UK. We have more than 250 fully paid members. In addition to the central committee, we also have regional branches in the South Thames, North Thames, Wales, North and East. We have been doing charitable work passionately over the past 29 years. As you can see from the annual report, this year alone we have contributed so much to our people.

Although members have been visiting respective regions where the projects, they were involved in were based, this year a MIOT Team visited all the project sites across the regions and witnessed and experienced first-hand the fruits of MIOT’s endeavors. This was the first time a MIOT team had visited and engaged with our long-term local partners, officials, and the beneficiaries. We were able to reconnect with our people in our homeland. This enabled us to improve our activities at the grass root level; do more voluntary work, and assess the impact of our activities.
In addition to health care needs, the war affected people in our homeland also want us to show empathy. They want to know that we care for them, and show interest in their life. In my view we were able to easily achieve this by visiting those projects and places without spending too many resources. 

I do not intend to discuss in detail all the projects we have been implementing in Sri Lanka and the U.K. as these projects have been listed elsewhere. In general, these projects include a broad category of family medicine programmes, mobile clinics, eye camps, preventive medicine (health Promotion) activities, children Homes, student scholarships and medical education and training. I am pleased to inform you that as an organization, The MIOT (UK) has also been an inspiration to other organizations and individuals in charity work. Although our main focus has always been on our charitable work, MIOT team and I have also been focusing on maintaining the high profile of our organization, and ensured that we maintained a healthy financial position (Financial Report Attached).

Our community is reputed with producing a large number of doctors. Yet, there are too many people dying each day prematurely due to complications arising from undiagnosed non communicable diseases. There is still significant need for simple health screening and health promotion projects. These will save many lives. Here in the UK  we  know  how  the  health  services are run to provide pro-active care to the population and manage chronic conditions. We need to replicate this system in our homeland to provide pro-active healthcare to our people and reduce premature mortalities.
There is a great opportunity for young volunteers to do this work. We have seen what the second  and third generation of our people in various fields are achieving and expect the young doctors to move forward MIOT into a new era. We the senior and experienced members should create a platform that will attract young talents to join MIOT.

The future work of MIOT should focus more on health promotion activitie s, rehabilitation , collaborative working with other health care charities, and involve in innovative primary care programmes. I believe we have already laid the foundation for these  initiatives.  I have  no doubt that this vision will bring more members and continue to raise the profile of our organization in future!

The unmet health needs of our people are great and we are fully conscious that what MIOT is doing is woefully inadequate. We are also a\.vdre that many organisations like ours around the globe are doing the same trying to meet some of those needs. We felt that working together we could achieve more. On 11/11/2018, MIOT initiated a meeting with different organisations here in the UK. Fifteen representatives from MIOT, IMHO(UK), Jaffna Medical School Alumni (UK), CANE, SCOT, Friends of Batticaloa, MomLanka, Serendip and Assist RR participated in the meeting. I hope this initiative will be continued by the incoming MIOT Team to foster collaborative working.

I hope the collaboration will be extended to our international partners in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, India & Sri Lanka. Thank you for the trust you had placed in me in the past two years and take this oppo1iunity in welcoming and wishing the new President and the team.