Message from the President

Dr.Maharatnam Logendran FRCS, FRCOphth Consultant Ophthalmologist, UK 

President MIOT, UK

It is an honour and a privilege to be elected as the president of MIOT in its 30th year. Thirty years, more than a quarter of a century – that’s a long time for an organization to endure. For an organization to endure over 25 years and be as relevant today as it was at its founding is quite a feat. To be more relevant and more valuable today is an honour that goes to few. Thirty years ago, there was a civil war and an economic embargo in place which resulted in shortages, not only of household items but even medicinal supplies and surgeries too were affected. That’s when MIOT was created to help ease some of the problems faced by the local people.

As doctors we were in a privileged position because we were able to go through those check points and barriers with little inconvenience compared to the common man. I am aware of many MIOT members who had taken this hard route and went to the north and east to help the injured, sick and displaced. In January 2019 I was privileged to attend the opening ceremony of the newly renovated Moolai co-operative hospital. One of our MIOT members gave a huge donation towards this project which was facilitated by MIOT. This hospital is now being transformed with modern, state of the art facilities.

We once again partnered with our ophthalmology colleagues in Jaffna and conducted another charity cataract camp and restored the sight of 170 under privileged patients. The motto of our organisation is ‘Respect for Life’. Buildings and technology can’t save lives but hard work, dedication and respect for patients by the health care professionals save lives. MIOT is continuing to serve the population in the north and east of Sri Lanka with dedication and sincerity. Health is wealth and a healthy population is the wealth of a nation. As the President of MIOT, I pledge that we will work with all the health institutions and health professionals to provide the best possible care to the weakest in the society with compassion and care.

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