MIOT-Eastern Region Report


Dr James Gnanapragasm




CHAIR: Dr. J P D Gnanapragasam

SECRETARY: Dr. S. Uthayakumar


Dr. Indu Uthayakumar

Dr. K.Jeyapalan

Dr.Thulasi Balakumar

Dr. Siva Mohan

Dr.Jeba Gnanapragasam

Prof. R N Chitramohan



Dr. Aarthy Uthayakumar

Dr. Shiva Radhakrishnan

Our committee has actively continued to focus on the development of medical education and to support people from underprivileged areas. MIOR- ER has continued its  venture,  working  with  the Dean of the Jaffna Faculty of Medicine,  organizing  medical  students  elective  for  undergraduates  from Australia & UK.

We are also work g closely with the charitable organization AEDU, focusing on building a strong foundation for students who obtained good results in O-Level examinations, but were unable to continue to A-Level studies due to family circumstances, to gain University education by helping them from A-Level. We continued our annualsponsorship to 5 medical students from Jaffna Medical Faculty. Our educational committee, especially the junior committee helps them with their projects and offer support via e-learning.

MIOR-ER is actively working in UK as well. We have engaged with the local consultants in different specialties to find elective placements for AL students and also identify clinical attachments/job opportunities for those who complete a medical degree in Europe and other parts of the world.

We have been successfully running the MIOT Chirumiar Illum, Thambiluvil since 2005. We are very fortunate, to have close friends who donate to the home by monthly direct debit. We also received donations from other well-wishers. We are lucky to have a good management  committee. Dr.Ramasubbu, one of our batch-mates living in Colombo, is  overseeing  the  management  of  this home. We will be relocating this Home to Kaithady, Jaffna from January 2019.

We continued the sponsorship of the ‘Orphanage & School’ in Kaithady, one of the deprived villages in Jaffna, which is thriving well. This venue is also hosting a weekend  school  to  serve  the  local  children, offering classes in music, education & community projects. We take  this  opportunity  to  thank  all  our  sponsors. Your continued support is crucial to our success. We are truly grateful to all your help in maintaining this home. It would not have been possible without your generous donations.

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