MIOT North Thames Region

Dr S Sivappriyan


The North Thames MIOT had its AGM on 13 December 2017 and the following  members were elected.

President : Dr S Sivappriyan

Vice President: Dr M Mylvaganam

Secretary : Mr  N Sivarasan

Treasurer: Dr P Kandasamy

Committee: Dr S Sankar, Dr  S  Kulendran, Dr V Vigneswaran, Dr NNiranjan, Dr  K Niranjan, Dr S Poologanathan, Dr S Kanagasabapathy, Mrs T Ravichanthiran, Dr S Ariyanayagam, Dr M Vinayagamoorthy

 The NTR MIOT held quarterly clinical meetings to assist with continuing medical education.

Our main focus has been on developing primary care centres in the N&E in Sri Lanka. The centres in Moolai, Manipay Kurukkal Madam and Jaffna are being developed. to become centres of excellence in providing health care and medical education  up  to  post  graduate level.

MIOT NTR is collaborating with individual philanthropists and educational  organisations  in Sri Lanka and UK (PGIM, CGPSL & RCGP)

The next AGM will be on 13 December 2018 at Rush Green Medical Centre RM? 0XR at 7:00pm.

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