MIOT Wales Annual Report 2018

Dr V. Kirupaalar


President :

Dr S. Kugathasan

Vice President:

Dr Sureka Vipulendran


Dr V. Kirupaalar.


Dr  Dhamayanthy 

V igneswaran

Social secretary:

Dr Malarmagal Yoganathan

Assist.Social secretary:

Dr Dharshini Napoleon

The MIOT-Wales has been continuing to donate money to quite a number of charitable  good  causes. The Vavuniya General hospital which  was  in the  war  zone and  was badly  affected,  as a result, has now gradually been returning to normality. Their service to public had been  hampered  for a long time. We received a request from the doctors, working for the Special Care Baby unit in Vavuniya for aid. The unit is in desperate need of equipments and instruments. This is the unit covering a vast area in and ar0tmd Vavuniya. The areas covered by this unit for the purpose of delivering the (special) care for pre-mature babies include Mullaitivu (about 55 miles from Vavuniya) to one end and to Mannar (about 50 miles) to the other.

We pledged to help out this unit. We therefore staged a cultural event, called, Kalaikathambam at a large scale to raise the fund. We managed to raise a good sum, as good as £10,000. Dr Vipulendran has been involved with liaising with the doctors from the above unit and has very recently paid a visit in person to the unit. The aid is expected to be spent on purchasing such important items as Incubator, Infant warmer pulse oximeter etc.

The organisation has, in addition, donated money to the following institutions.


  • We did a charity walk and raised £830. This money was sent to the “Sencholai illam”- a home for the orphanage children, in Vanni
  • The MIOT-Wales has donated £2750 to the home called,  the “Save  Act” in Komankulam in Vavuniya. This is a home that houses disabled paraplegic victims, affected by the
  • Two ‘Double phototherapy units’ were donated to the Neonatal unit in Jaffna Teaching Hospital at their
  • The MIOT-Wales is also extending its financial help to share the needs of palliative care patients in Tellipalai

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