As a charity, fundraisers are important to support ongoing projects and to start new initiatives. Furthermore, aside from our key, ongoing projects we also try to help where we can with any requests we may receive. Read below to find out more! 


E-BMJ Subscription for Library in Jaffna University

Os part of our aims to support the next generation of doctors, we have made made the electronic version of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) - the leading peer-reviewed medical journal now available for the students, academics and research workers throughout Jaffna...

Half Marathon Fundraiser

On Sunday 12th March 2017, Dr Arani Vireswer and Dr Tharani Vireswer completed a half marathon raising £1800 for MIOT. This was donated to the MIOT central fund to support the various ongoing projects and we would like to sincerely thank them for their continuing...