In September 2001, the civil war in Sri Lanka left many seriously injured, maimed, limbless, eyeless, orphaned and killed. As part of a small package we were asked to support 30 orphaned girls in Vaharai, which we were told was one of the poorest places in Sri Lanka where help was most needed. The village had no bank, post office, grocery stores or hospital at the time. The sanitation was basic, toilets had to be shared between households, there was no proper water or electricity supply, and the number of orphans were on the rise. This was the background of this projects beginnings.

From a temporary broken down building with no water or toilets, we made a permanent building with all the required facilities which is now home to the orphanage run by a local committee and its supporting staff. All the needs of the children are now cared for and they attend the school opposite the orphanage, taking part in extra-curricular activities like athletics and literary activities. We are truly grateful for everyone who has supported us along the way so far to establish this orphans



We send monthly donations which are used for the maintenance of the building, clothing for children, for festive occasions and any other needs. Any amount you can donate is warmly appreciated.

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